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Posted 15 February 2006 - 11:19 PM



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Q - I am running IPB 2.1.2 or higher and I get a skin error, how can I fix this?
A -

To fix this you'll have to go into each skin folder and rename the class for whatever folder it's in.

For example

If your skin file is in folder cache/skin_cache/cacheid_2 then you would open up the skin_arcade.php file in that folder and find

class skin_arcade

and change to

class skin_arcade_2

Repeat on all skin_arcade.php files you have. Remember the number in the line "class skin_arcade_2" has to match the number of the folder it's in.

Q - I like the way your arcade looks on this site, how can I have columns in my arcade?
A - This is a simple arcade mod which you can download at: http://www.ibproarca...hp?showforum=36

Look for a topic called Arcade Mod Vx.x (depending on the latest version)

Q - I managed to download my limit on games yesterday but today I cannot download the full amount why?
A - This is most likely because your downloads have not cleared yet, it takes 24 hours for each download to clear, wait until 24 hours have passed, if you still cannot download then PM one of the Admins on the site and we will look in to it!

Q - I recently joined this site but have been unable to download any games yet, why is this?
A - You must have posted a topic in the "confirm sites" forum, to find out how to do this please read your Introductory PM. You will then have to wait for an admin to validate your account.

Q - I have just finished my VIP access and now I cannot download any games at all, why?
A - This is most likely because you did not confirm your site before you became a VIP, to do this please post a link to your site in the "confirm sites" forum!

Q - I have my forum all set up but need help installing mods and extra's could someone help me?
A - Yes for a small donation fee I will gladly help any members install any mods for their site! Just make a donation and then PM me!

Q - How many games may I download per day?
A - This varies depending on your status but the regular amount is 8 games per day, but if you donate to us then this will be increased to 40 games per day. Click the donate link at the top of the page to donate!

I will add to this list as I think of more things, Moderators and Admins feel free to edit this post to add more FAQs if you think of any!

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