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Help Topic: Why Is My Account Locked? (Updated: April 13, 2012)

If you have just recieved a PM stating that your account is now locked and/or you are a member of the "Locked" Usergroup there are a couple of reasons this could be.

We lock accounts from being able to download games to prevent people misusing our download system and downloading more than their fair share of arcade games. For legitimate users this should not be an issue. We allow one user per site to download games from ibpArcade Downloads. If more than one person registers from a paticular site then the additional users will be locked and the original user will be the only one able to download games from our site.

How we check: When you registered you were asked to complete the profile fields stating your URL to your site. We check this against our database to check that no more than 1 user from each site has an account. Those which have more than one account are then added to the locked usergroup. If you failed to fill this field in at all then you will also be locked.

If you believe this is an error OR you have now updated your profile (See: Update your profile to re-enable downloads tutorial) Then please post a message in the following forum: stating your case and whether or not you have updated your profile. An admin will then check these requests and update your account accordingly.